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Building My Lab Environment – Part III: Configuring vSphere 5 Networking

This is the third part of my series on building my lab environment. In Part I, I laid out the hardware that I would use for my lab. Part II covered the installation of VMware vSphere 5 on the hardware. In this post I will cover the vSphere 5 network settings.

Configuring the vSphere 5 switches

I created two vSwitches with no physical adapters for my Development and Production LANs. The reason I created two vSwitches with no physical adapters was for two reasons.

The first and primary reason is that on my home router I have MAC address filtering turned on. I turned this on for better security for my Wi-Fi connections, but as it turned out, it also enabled filtering on the physical connections as well. If I used the default vSwitch0, every time I create a virtual machine, I would have to add its MAC address to the router as well as a DHCP reservation.

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