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Building My Lab Environment – Part IV: Configuring vSphere 5 Resource Pools

This is the fourth part of my series on building my lab environment. In Part I, I laid out the hardware that I would use for my lab. Part II covered the installation of VMware vSphere 5 on the hardware. Part III covered the VMware vSphere 5 network configuration. In this post I will cover the vSphere 5 resource pools that I setup.


Before going into resource pools, I’m going to talk a little bit about resource sharing. Most of this was gleaned from Mastering VMware vSphere 5 by Scott Lowe that I mentioned in a previous post and I highly recommend picking it up.

There are two main resources that a host has to manage for all virtual machines. These are the memory and CPU. When you create a virtual machine, you specify the amount of RAM and the number of CPUs that the virtual machine will have. If you have a host with 4GB of RAM available to the guests, you can create four virtual machines each with 1GB of RAM and there will be no contention for memory. (While not “technically” true, as there is a little bit of memory overhead, it is still useful for our purposes.) The same can be said of having a four processor/core host and creating four single CPU virtual machines.

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