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Building My Capture and Deployment Server – Part I: Virtual Machine Settings

This is the first part of my series on building my capture and deployment server. In this post I will cover the settings I used for my virtual machines.


DEV-DC-01 is going to be the first virtual machine in my Development environment. This virtual machine will act as the deployment and image capture server to build the first STIGed image.

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Building My Lab Environment – Part V: Shared Storage Configuration

This is the fifth part of my series on building my lab environment. In Part I, I laid out the hardware that I would use for my lab. Part II covered the installation of VMware vSphere 5 on the hardware. Part III covered the VMware vSphere 5 network configuration. Part IV covered the resource pool configuration. In this post I will cover the shared storage solution I purchased and setting it up in vSphere.

The Hardware


The QNAP TS-459U-SP+ is a small to medium sized NAS solution. This particular model can come in a standard desktop NAS chassis, or a rack mountable chassis as denoted by the U in the model name. As I am going for a rack mount setup, I chose the U model. For the rack mounts it also comes in an SP (single power supply) or RP (redundant power supply) model. Considering this is just for my home lab I went with the cheaper SP model.

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How To Patch a vSphere 5 Server Without Update Manager

I found myself wanting to play around with the new Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate the other day, but found that there was no virtual machine profile to choose when installing it. What does this mean? That’s right. Time for a patch. As it has been awhile since I’ve patched my host, I found myself unsure of where to begin. Since I don’t have a vCenter license, I had to figure out how to do it the manual way. This great blog entry by Chris Colotti provided all the information I needed to update my server. Now, to start playing with Windows Server 2012 RC.