For the past 12 years, I have primarily worked in the IT field for the Department of Defense. I’ve done helpdesk, helpdesk supervisor, data warehouse developer, data analyst/report developer, and systems administration. I started this blog to document and share what I have learned about different topics in the IT field. Hopefully some of what I have learned I can pass on to others and likewise get useful feedback or alternative ways to proceed in different areas of interest to me.

Some of my areas of interest that I will no doubt be going into here are system imaging and deployment, STIGing and installing applications on STIGed servers, ITIL, data warehousing, SQL Server Integration Services, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

Due to some of my recent work, and the lack of useful resources on the internet, I’m going to be building a STIGed lab environment for testing and to work out what modifications are required to get different applications to run in a least privilege setting. By finding these different incompatibilities and documenting them, it will both make my life easier at work as well as increase my knowledge. It will also provide a resource for others in the same situation to get their applications installed and documented.

For the record however, I am by no means a security expert nor have I ever worked in the security field. My posts come without warranty and I am in no way responsible if you bring down your network. Always test in a lab environment first. :)


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